Railway transport

EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP Company has all the necessary facilities and skilled staff to solve cargo transportation challenges using railway transport. The coverage area includes Central Asia countries, Europe,CIS and China. The main features of EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP Company are:

♦High efficiency of the proposed transportation schemes;

♦Individual approach;

♦Responsiveness and professionalism;

♦Alluring tariffs;

♦A wide range of transportable loads, including oversize and dangerous cargo;

♦Permanent collaboration ties extension;

EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP railway transportation services include:

♦Rate making and expenses optimization;

♦Rent of railway vehicles and operations with them;

♦Elaboration of optimal delivery schemes;

♦Document preparation;

♦Cargo operations at the stations;

♦Receiving necessary documents for dangerous cargo;

♦Railway rates payment according to the goods characteristics and the period during transportation;


♦Customs preparation;

♦Large-tonnage containers processing;

♦Logic design of loading and its coordination for the heavy-weight and oversize cargos;

♦Tracking the delivery and reporting on the results;


♦Handling operations using specialized mechanisms.

EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP specialists are ready to give its clients all-round assistance assuring operating services and offering economically profitable solutions to solve any goods transportation tasks using railway transport.