Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transport is a complex supply chain with different types of transport. The transport company bears full responsibility throughout the whole route. Most often combined sea and road / railway transportation. Also, this scheme may include services for reloading in ports, railway stations, terminals when crossing borders of different countries.

EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP has many reliable agents in various directions of these transportations, and it  allows us to perform qualitatively and timely the  supply chain.

The advantages of our company are:

♦partnership with leading container sea lines;

♦development of a more optimal route;

♦full and accurate tracking of cargo on the whole route;

♦customs clearance and cargo certification;

♦services of loading and unloading operations at points of departure, reloading and destination;

♦insurance of goods by the whole route;

♦all accompanying documentation by the entire route.

Customers and partners can be assured of reliability and responsibility for the transportation of any types of goods by contacting the company EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP.