Auto transport

EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP Company gives transportation services by automobile transport domestically and abroad. One of the priority directions of the company is international delivery based on the elaboration of individual decisions for business. Due to the contact with huge foreign traders-transporters and presence of private park automobile equipment, make our transportation in time and ready to give flexible rates.

Automobile transportation services are popular due to their high efficiency and not being dependent on hostconveying system operating schedule. Especially this kind of transportation is more preferable for the most of goods and traffics. EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP experts may work out optimal routes and find the most economically correct ways for automobile goods transportation inside the country andbeyond its borders. As appropriate automobile transportation will be included into the multimodal scheme and combined with air-railway and sea transport.

EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP motor transportation services include:

Any kind traffic delivery around the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

♦Cargo transportation under the license of customs carrier ;

♦ International auto transportation arrangement;

♦Special traffic delivery, the goods requiring   a specified temperature regime maintenance (refrigerators);


♦Guaranteeing security at a proper level and motor transportation traffic control;

♦Full and partial load;

♦Optimal route deliveries elaboration for business;

♦Accompanying forms preparation for transportable goods;

♦Customs clearance.

We are always ready to answer our clients’ questions and give literate consultative assistance to them.  EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP offers not only surface transportation but also efficient logistic decisions for your business.


Oversize cargo and heavyweight goods logistic.

EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP gives a wide range of transportation services to its clients including such items as oversize cargo andheavyweight goods transportation. This offer first of all may attract building companies and firms serving industrial projects implementation.

We bring forward ourcompetent aid for transportation in different spheres that includes:




♦Oil-and-gas and mining industry.

Regardless of the sphere that you are in, EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP services will help to solve all the transportation goods issues with maximum profit for your business.

The company staff are ready to work out individual transportation and material storing and special equipment as well, using  an individual approach. Complexity degree of the assigned task doesn’t matter as we have good experience and enough knowledge to solve it.

You get the “turnkey approach service”beginning from professional consulting and concluding with a full report on the completed work.

We offer only the most efficient and economically reasonable decisions in the scope of transportation!