About company

EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP is an actively developing transport and logistics company.
The range of services includes cargo transportation, freight forwarding, customs clearance and logistic support to our clients.

All types of cargo transportation services such as railway, automobile, air and sea transportations are accessible for our clients.

Company specializes in international transportations and loads delivery inside the country.The priority of our activity is the whole services list extension in this sphere.

The priority of our activity is the whole services list extension in this sphere.


In particular, we actualize the following:

♦Optimal cargo transportation schemes elaboration using any kinds of transport;

♦Full document preparation necessary for customs clearance;

♦Any type and weight goods transportation including oversize and hazardous cargo;

♦Loads insurance.

Assignable services are industrial and trade organizations oriented which are interested in reliable and well-timed raw material deliveries.

EVENTUS SERVICE GROUP’S main features are respect for the obligations and our clients’ interest strict following .The list of our partners includes such famous companies and firms as: «Jurabek Laboratories LTD», «AGROMIR», «Nestle Uzbekistan”, «Nestle Agro» ,«O’zelektroapparat-Electroshield» ,«Toshelectroapparat» and many others.

The warrant of our perfect work is our constant and stable clients who chose us to solve their business tasks and their positive reviews.


Our Strong Points

♦attractive tariffs;

♦Professionalism and responsiveness;

♦Huge territories coverage and diversity of directions;

♦Working with heavy-weight and hazardous cargo;

♦Under time transportations on long distances by optimum layouts;

♦Comprehensive approach inferring customs clearance and insurance.

We take care of our clients’ comfort and our reputation as well. Due to the all staff members professionalism we may fully be responsible for the excellent result of our work!

Open an easy way of the goods transportation for your business all over the world!